About SHEF

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What is SHEF Co-op?

SHEF Co-op is a local food co-operative – set up and run by local residents to provide good quality, healthy and affordable food. It stands for the ‘South Hampstead Ethical Food Co-operative’.

How does it work?

Every week we order a selection of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables from an organic wholesaler, which we divide into boxes for collection. The boxes are available in small and large sizes – for the veg the boxes cost £2.50 and £5, for fruit they are £3 and £6.

the items included vary every week. There are normally 4-6 different types of fruit and vegetables in each box.

Do I need to order in advance?

Yes – our system relies on orders being placed and paid for in advance. We ask people to pay for the following week when they come to collect their box.  You can place your order in person on Saturday morning or by sending us an email.

But we also have a few boxes for sale each week if you get there early – so come along and give it a try!

Our aims

We aim to offer high quality produce at a fair price, and to minimise our environmental impact by sourcing local / organic food, and minimising waste. But the co-op is also a social place where you are welcome to drop in for a chat with a cup of tea or coffee.

Get involved!

The co-op is run by a small group of local residents who volunteer their time – and we are always looking for extra help! If you are willing and interested – even if you can only offer a little time – then please let us know.